An old fading tradition in small village named Pukanec. One of the last masters of this craft is Mr. Hruškovič. Hailing from a humble mining village where the roots of this art run deep.

Barrel making is a meticulous and time-consuming art. It is fascinating to witness Mr. Hruskovic’s dedication to preserving traditional methods in an era dominated by aluminum and plastic barrels.

His passion for barrel making began during his childhood. Assisting his father in the workshop, he initially cleaned the barrels and gradually progressed to preparing them as he grew older. Today, he stands as the torchbearer of his family’s legacy, upholding the craftsmanship passed down through generations. Although his three daughters pursue different paths, he has finally found a successor who will carry on his workshop and the cherished machinery, ensuring the legacy survives for years to come.

Mr. Hruskovic is a testament to the enduring power of legacy. His determination ensures that the time-honored art of barrel making will endure.